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On the 8th of Juli, I will organise a benefit named; “Bersama” what means as much as “Gathering” or “Together”. During this gathering, I will collect money for my return to Indonesia by selling some of my work.

In Indonesia, I will help handicapped and often neglected children voluntary as an Exercise Therapist. During my return, I will work closely together with local paramedics to contribute to a self-sustainable future by sharing knowledge. This way local therapist will be able to provide physical therapy independently.

During this Gathering, there will not only be art but also Indonesian food, music, acoustic bands and more. The most important thing that day is to have a good time. And also to inspire others that everything is possible, together! As the following phrase, beautifully describes “We can not help everybody, but everybody can help somebody”.

This all is made possible by the Bohemian Art Collector ❤

Sampai Jumpa! (See you later!)

Lucas Lee Kasanrokyat